Super Glanz SpA can provide a large range of products for each sector of use:

Retention fibres and fines, increasing of drainage of water to perform quality and production speed.

Flocculation and clarification in flotation and sedimentation units for fibres recover.

Specific antislime and anti redepositing agents to obtain excellent results in the cleaning of cycle and paper quality.

Coating, protective and products to perform the tissue paper creping and release, to perform the production quality.

Antifoam and deaerating products for the best control of foam and runnability.

Control of pitches, white pitches and stickies to avoid every problem of deposits and increase the quality of produced paper.

Passivation and spray surfaces protection for every organic deposit as Pitches and Stickies.

Prevention of deposits and scales by using specific additives having high concentration and effectiveness.

A complete range of acids, alkaline and neutral detergents to eliminate deposits and increase lifetime of all textile products.

Wetting agents to soak starch and additives. Special dispersing and antiscaling agents.

Fixing products for colours and pigments.

Antidusting products for offset and printing papers.

Thanks to his laboratory Super Glanz SpA gives to the costumers the opportunity to develope new technology and personalized products.