Prodotti chimici per l'industria tessile
Prodotti chimici per il trattamento acque
Prodotti chimici detergenti per l'industria
Prodotti chimici per l'industria cartiera

A comprehensive range of products for the majority of operations


Engineering solutions, highly specialized cycles of purification, wide range of chemicals


Surfactant range, co-surfactant systems, low enviromental impact products


Lubrificants, antifoaming, thickeners, co-binders, plasticizers, flame retardants, softenings

Super Glanz SpA has been operating since 1967 as a manufacturer of chemical auxiliaries for the industry..

Currently, the company is located within the textile area of Prato, occupying an area of ​​6000 square meters.

Our corporate policy in terms of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment aims to provide our partners and customers with the best product and service, with the lowest possible environmental impact, while ensuring our employees a safe and healthy working environment.

Certifications from the most important and globally recognized organizations are just one example of our strong commitment to quality, the environment, health, and safety.

Super Glanz S.p.A. participates in the ZDHC Roadmap To Zero program for the development of sustainable products.

Our production is primarily aimed at the following fields of application:

Super Glanz SpA is nevertheless capable of providing comprehensive assistance services, offering daily support from experienced technicians.

Furthermore, by providing access to our laboratories, we can customize and develop technologies and products according to specific requests at any time.