The Company Today

Established as a producer of chemical products for the textile industry, Super Glanz SpA first specialized in the sector of flame retardants, where it operates on the market with patents deriving from its collaboration with companies of primary importance.

In this sector, as in all the other textile processes, Super Glanz SpA can customize its products to suit special needs and has the capacity to carry our extensive laboratory testing to achieve the required results, with efficiency and competence.

The company located within the textile area of Prato occupies a recently expanded area of 6000 square meters, divided into two facilities:

  • A site of 3000 square meters dedicated to production, storage of raw materials and finished products, with a laboratory for quality control;

  • A site, also of 3000 square meters, dedicated to the storage of finished products, commercial offices, administrative offices, and the new research and development laboratory.

The latter has always been highly equipped in the field of research aimed at studying innovative products and their related application technologies; a portion is dedicated to customer service.

The sales network, composed of technicians, is not only capable of providing guidance on the best application of our products but also serves as the connection point between the laboratory and the customer.

Together, our technicians provide valuable assistance in addressing and resolving all issues arising from processing, with a high standard of pre- and post-sales support, ensuring responsible and efficient service towards customers, which SUPER GLANZ S.p.A. prioritizes over economic and commercial factors.