Super Glanz SpA has been in busyness since 1967 producing a full range of auxiliary products for the textile industry.
  • Flame Retardants:
    • CABERTEX 97    FR universal use, for coating aplication.
    • CABERTEX 3929    FR permanent, for cellulosic fibres.
    • CABERTEX PES    FR permanent, for pes fibres, halogen-free.
    • CABERTEX PH    FR universal use, halogen-free.
    • CABEREX POP POLV.    FR halogen/ sb-free, powder, for resins or paste.
    • CABERTEX PT    FR to apply during the dyeing, for pes fibres.
    • CABERTEX RSP    FR semi-soak resistant, for natural fibres, halogen free.
    • CABERTEX SCK    FR for cotton, halogen-free.